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The Flexi Fit skirt is for anyone who wants a multi-fitting tunnel. Having a 2mm flexible neoprene waist will increase your torso comfort over a long paddle. Available in four cockpit sizes.

Sea to Summit: Solution Gear skirts will fit most kayak cockpits due to the use of high grade neoprene.

Sea To Summit Flex Fit Neoprene Spray Deck

SKU: 1050
  • Features:

    • 4mm flexible small-diamond neoprene for better fitting to different cockpit shapes
    • Tapered adjustment tab for increased seal and comfort around your torso
    • 50mm wide pull tag sewn for easy ejection when needed
    • 2mm flexible neoprene waist for extra comfort
    • Supersoft binding for increased comfort
    • Multifit waist fits 65-117cm
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