The Legend handles beautifully in wild conditions and surfs with precision in following seas. The hull provides a comfortable degree of initial stability, while the chines offer substantial secondary stability that can be used to the paddler's advantage to confidently tilt or edge the Legend to enhance its turning performance.


The clipper bow and secondary levels of buoyancy in the hull make the Legend a dry boat to paddle, while the clean deck layout, with everything from hatches to safety line anchor points and compass being recessed, minimizes spray. The cockpit is roomy inside for leg and foot comfort, with a comfortable seat. The Legend has expedition carrying capacity, and is easy to load through the standard configuration of two large oval hatches, with a separate round offset hatch to one side behind the paddler accessing a sealed "day-hatch".


Nigel Foster is an experienced kayak designer, ocean paddler and kayak instructor. He designs elegant, responsive and purposeful sea kayaks - The Silhouette, Legend and Shadow.


The Legend Shadow is a performance sea kayak with increased stability and solid secondary stability for crisp edged turns. The larger "keyhole" cockpit allows easy access making the Shadow and the paddler seeking a reassuring craft.


Carrying capacity for expeditions is excellent, with loading through the two large oval hatches and the "day-hatch" standard on all of Foster's designs. This kayak has become a favorite amongst instructors for its ease of making clear on-water demonstrations of paddling skills.


The Nigel Foster Legend is proudly manufactured by Seaward under licence from Nigel.



Price Includes cockpit cover as shown.


Other accessories available.


Manufactured in Canada  by Seaward Kayaks 


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Delivery available across Australia ( Call for Quote on shipping ) 


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Nigel Foster Legend Expedition Sea Kayak

SKU: 1005
$4,800.00 Regular Price
$3,200.00Sale Price
Color: Red
  • Standard Features

    Composite Molded Seat and IR Backband
    Seaward Skeg System
    Waterproof Cockpit Cover
    Recessed Deck Fittings
    Werner Foot Pedals
    Fiberglass Outside Seams
    Sealect Dual Density Oval and Day Hatche
    Fiberglass Bulk Heads
    Thigh Brace Pads

  • Length :     544cm

    Width :      52.5cm

    Weight :    26kg Glass Laminate 

    Depth at Cockpit : 31.25cm

    Cockpit Size : 77.5cm x 37.5cm 

    Bow Hatch Volume : 76ltrs  

    Stern Hatch Volume : 76ltrs

    Day Hatch Volume : 38ltrs

    Total Storage : 188ltrs 





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