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Mega Scarab Surf Kayak - SuperLite Composite Construction

Mega Surf Kayaks Australia are proud to announce that the Mega " SCARAB " High Performance Composite Surf Kayak is now in production here in Jervis Bay Australia.

The Mega Scarab Surf Kayak is available in a range of construction lay ups and custom gel coat finishes to suit you needs and style. Scaled up suit paddlers in the 80-110kg weight range this kayak offers sound stability whilst in the line up and a wave speed that will take your breath away. Check out the features list below and discover why this kayak is one of our best selling Surf Kayaks.


The Design :

A strong emphasis has been put on how the kayak can generate maximum power from the wave. When we finished with the power we took away the resistance - the result... A super flat planing hull surface, low aggressive rails allowing the ability to carve tight fast bottom turns, and a Wave ski like Power Pocket on then aft deck to send this kayak into orbit. Ski type Ariels, slides,360's and floaters are all in the Mega Scarab's repertoire!

It offers the smoothest flowing ride on mellow waves, the ability to grip a wave like mad when things get bigger, speed that will alter your perception on life and carving ability so tight and so smooth, and with our secure Mega composite seat system, composite thigh braces and custom shaped foam foot blocks, Scarab feels what you feel, moves when you move, and responds and engages the paddler in unison to provide a lively, loose feel capable of astounding speed and maneuverability.


Optional Extras :

Composite Synergy Tri Fin Set 

Harmony Adjustable Freestyle Playboat backrest

Construction Options:

Superlite Vinyl ester System - Carbon Kevlar Reinforced Deck and Hull Lay-up

GRP Vinyl ester System - Carbon Kevlar Reinforced Hull, GRP Deck.

Std GRP - Polyester Resin System - Carbon Kevlar Reinforced Hull, GRP Deck


Features :

Mega Tri Fin thruster set up with 3 Adjustable Fin Boxes




Designed by Malcolm Pearcey - MEGA UK

Proudly Hand Made In Jervis Bay Australia - Ross Boardman MEGA Australia

Mastercard / Visa / Bankcard and Direct Deposit Accepted

Delivery available Australia

Mega Scarab HP Surf Kayak

  • Length                            235cm

    Width                              67cm

    Paddler Range              80 - 115kg

    Depth                             30cm

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